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„Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.“

~ Sharath Jois ~


Funkyoga by Misha

Yoga lessons are in the style of Vinyasa flow.

It is a yoga style focused on strength and flexibility. You will find creativity and fun in it, you will often laugh and leave the lesson full of energy and inspiration. We want to find the joy of inhaling and exhaling together, the joy of movement.

Yoga is an ideal complementary sport for surfers. Not only does it help to improve performance on the waves (thanks to all those yoga poses like Chaturanga and Plank :)) but it also helps to stretch and relax the body (especially surfers most stressed parts of the body - shoulders and lower back).

Yoga is practiced on Tenerife with the ubiquitous sound of the ocean and, if the wind allows, directly on the beach near the ocean. The lessons are suitable for all levels of advancement and for all genders :))) (gentlemen, don't worry). You can read more about our lecturer here.


The novelty are yoga lessons for your little ones. While you are improving performances on the waves your children will be taken care of. A certified children's yoga teacher will practice with them on the beach and then the children, with the help of our instructors, can also surf a few waves.

Yoga for children takes place in the form of games and develops both creativity and healthy self-confidence. From a physical point of view, it helps them to be properly aware of their posture and to strengthen their flexibility and stability.