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Wave session at El CabezoWindsurfer: Ovsik MartinAvailable image size: 4180 x 2787 pixels

Tenerife is a very popular and well-known location for the windy sports like windsurfing or kitesurfing. The conditions here are suitable for every windsurfing discipline (wave, freestyle, freeride, slalom) and also for riders of all levels from beginners to professionals. With kitesurfing it comes the same.

There are many good places to ride here on the island, but the main centre of windsurfing and kitesurfing in Tenerife is El Médano. It was originally a fishing village that is located on the south of the island just a few minutes from the Reina Sofia airport. There are more than one good spot with the different conditions just here in El Médano.

The thermal wind flowing from northeast works very reliably from the end of April till the end of September. However, it is possible to ride quiet often besides this season. The wind can flow from northeast to southwest which makes options to ride somewhere else than in El Médano. During the winter season, it is good to come here according to the wind forecast. In summer, you can come at random (planed holiday or cheap flight tickets) and there is a high probability of good riding. The temperature here do not fluctuate much during the year. It is between 20 to 26 degrees and the temperature of water oscillates between 19 to 22 degrees. Because of this, Canary Islands are also known as the “islands of never-ending spring”. During the months of January till April, it is good to wear a wet suit 3/2 with long sleeves and for the rest of the year is 2/2 or some shorts good enough. 🙂

For those who don’t want to take own equipment, there is an option to rent it here. During a short journey (week or less), it is not very convenient to take an oversize luggage of your own equipment because of the travel fees. In El Médano there are also some rentals with a new equipment of many brands. Click and find more about the biggest windsurfing rental service: Tenerife Windsurf Solution, and for kite click here: Tenerife Kite Surf. We also provide some equipment from our own resources for beginners and advanced riders (WS, kite, SUP, surf). For more information, click here. There is a possibility to borrow the equipment for more days and travel around the island with it. We also offer individual lessons for beginners (kite, WS, surf) and for advanced (WS, surf). All rentals are based here in Bahia, just a few meters from the water.

If you really want to take your own equipment and unfortunately broke it here or make some scratches, don’t worry, there is a repair shop (boards, sails, kite) too. And if you want to buy something, there is also a shop with all WS and kite equipment located just next to the famous wave spot El Cabezo.

Except for the rentals, repair shop and shop with new equipment, there are also some supermarkets, restaurants, cafés, bars and an idyllic evening atmosphere here. Our favourite and highly recommended is a little café bar Calima café on the square. 🙂