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Stand up paddle or SUP is a water sport, which becomes very popular during the last few years. Paddle board has many possibilities of using in different conditions. So it is another option for those people who wants to enjoy water sports. It is probably used the most during the days when the water is calm for a ride or for discovering the beauty of seashores. View from the water also shows completely different perspective of the places you know from the shore. Stand up paddle (SUP) is a sport that requires paddling. It is good because as you paddle, all muscles are used :-). Many people take advantage of paddleboardind for a workout and they go for rides several kilometres long. In El Médano we offer trips (few hours or a whole day) on paddle boards. How it works? We take some boards to the car and ride about 10-25 minutes to the northeast in the direction where Guimar is located. Then we pack some water, fruits and snacks to our backpack and we can enjoy the ride on paddle boards back to El Médano. If you want you can also take your “four-legged” darlings to these trips. It only depends on your stability :-).

The other common use of SUP is in waves. It is much easier to catch the wave with paddle board than with classic surfboard. So people without surfing experience with a desire to ride a wave can use the SUP to enjoy the waves too. Of course it is not without some effort. The size of waves on SUP is not limited and it depends just on you and your experiences.

We have some paddle boards in our sport equipment (more here). They have 11 feet and a really big volume so it is easy to ride on them. In addition with a windsurfing sail it is a good windsurfing set for beginners.

Recently SUP is also used for diving and fishing. However, we recommend using only the fishing line on the spool because the fishing rod can easily get wet. Salt water combined with a spinning reel can lead to a very fast end.

In a summary, SUP is an amazing sport and it is good to try it :-).