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There are many airlines, including Canaria travel from Prague, who provide flights to Tenerife. However, on a long-term average, the Irish airline Ryanair offers the cheapest flights. There are three easily accessible airports in the surroundings of the Czech Republic (Memmingen Allgau airport, Kraków Airport im. Jana Pawła II, Berlin-Schönefeld, from which this company provides direct flights to Tenerife that take 4-5 hours. Ryanair also transports oversized baggage, which can be purchased with a ticket so you can bring your own sports equipment (golf, surf, bike, WS…). Prices for the oversized baggage are similar to other airlines. Detailed informations on prices and types of oversized baggage with Ryanair varies by route, are on the website of the company here in the link.


There is the possibility of very affordable long-term parking at the airports. Memmingen from 27 € / week, Krakow 68 zlotys (1 zloty = 0,22 €) / week, Berlin from 38 € / week. The longer the lower the prices of the parking for one day are. Parking can be booked online on the ParkVia website. Just enter the name of the airport and the date. When ordering online, the price for parking can often be even lower.

Ryanair does not carry pets. If you want to take your four-legged friend with you, we recommend the company Norwegian or small dogs up to 8 kg transports the company Eurowings on board.

You can search other cheap tickets, for example on thewebsite

The website searcher allows you to enter a time window and the number of days. It will show you combinations with and without a transfer, according to your preferences.

The only thing it can not do is look up departure and arrival from another airport, so if you want to fly from Prague and return to Munich, for example, you have to look for each route separately. By choosing departure and arrival differently, you can achieve very low prices for the ticket, because airlines usually have one trip cheaper but you pay extra for the return, and this is how you can have both trips for a great price. Of course, it needs a certain degree of flexibility. 

Good luck with looking for your flight ticket!