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Most of the surf spots on Tenerife are point breaks, where waves break on a lava cliff. But there are still some beach breaks, not many but the better and these beach breaks definitely deserves your attention, because some of them are also among the top spots on the island.

Specifically, these are Playa del Socorro, Almáciga / Benijo, Playa El Poris, La Tejita, El Cabezo

Socorro and Benijo are located in the north of the island and both are collectors of even the smallest swell, so you can really surf here 365 / year. As soon as the forecast shows waves around 5ft, it is usually unstable and it is necessary to go to the classic point breaks of the Bajamar type, which start to work nicely with 5ft.

Poris and Cabezo are located in the south of the island and you can surf here on a secondary swell, created by the local trade wind. The period is short around 5-6 seconds and the waves have less power, but the size of over head-double over head is no exception here and ensures a great ride. Local riders often choose these "lower quality" spots, where they have peace of mind for themselves, instead of busier point breaks.

La Tejita is also in the south of the island and when the monster of the southern swell (summer season) rarely comes, it is really a massacre. Several people have already suffered a serious and, unfortunately, fatal accident there. A look from the beach will be enough here :).

Here is a documentary photo / video from our favorite Amáciga / Benijo