Terms of the loan:

  • maximal number of people: 4 (by a prior arrangement, it is possible for up to 6 people for an additional fee in Fiat Ducato camper cars)
  • minimal number of nights: 4
  • driving license of group B (driver)
  • minimal age of the driver 26 and at least 6 years of driving experience

Booking conditions:

  • for a binding reservation is necessary to send a “printscreen” of a flight ticket with the name (ordering or driver), with the dates of arrival and departure, contact phone number, address, email and the number of people
  • záloha při rezervaci 50% platby
  • payment including the deposit (see below) is in cash (Euro currency) while handing over of the camper car
  • written consent to the insurance conditions (see below) and number of the driving license of the driver (all is included in the handover protocol on site)


  • car insurance is included in the rental price
    • Loss of keys
    • The chassis and tires damage due to the improper driving, e.g. off-road
    • Refueling the wrong fuel
    • The damage of the living place (over cab)
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs,.. .etc.
    • Interior damages, loss of things from the inventory (towels, plates,...)
    • The damage caused by the driver, although it could have been prevented - for example, driving on a red light
    • Small damages to the exterior - in case of improper driving and parking near rocks, stones, trees, etc.
  • when handing over the camper car, we collect a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IN FULL AMOUNT.
  • In case of the damage of the over cab – alkoven (living place), it is necessary to pay the compensation (costs of repairing)

But don’t worry, it is just important to drive carefully (as usual) and everything is going to be OK without own mistakes. Unless you are still not sure about your driving abilities, we recommend negotiating good travel insurance. 🙂

IGIC (VAT) is included in the prices.